Let’s see how this goes! I have some time and a need for some cash to start on other projects I would love to do! Reblog if you’re so kind

A bit of an explanation:

  • Email me (pamwishbow at gmail.com) if you’re interested.
  • let me know if you want to go through paypal or I can do a direct checkout by making a custom listing on etsy
  • Let me know if you want the physical copy of a b+w or simple color piece. I can do these digitally (where you get a print) or an original painted/inked piece. If it is complex color it WILL BE DIGITAL. Again, I can ship you a copy of your commissioned piece for 4 bucks (for US and Canada, elsewhere I’ll have to do more math.) Anyone of you who have bought things on my Etsy know I throw in goodies so there is always that. 

All pieces will be roughly 8x11. I can do other things, just ask!

Object portraits: I can do a personal portrait of you if you give me a list of interests you have! I can also do this in the these of a show, movie, theme you love. 

Other drawings: I can do your portrait, a character portrait, an animal, plant or maybe even house you happen to have an unnatural attachment to. You sicko. The prices are for one object/person. The more people the more it’ll cost.

If you have any questions about other custom things please let me know, I don’t bite! Message me here on tumblr, twitter, email, wherever!

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    Reblogging because I’m driving to Indiana this weekend to get rid of a car and do family-things and not only need things...
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    This is uber exciting!!!!!!
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    Check out Pam’s stuff and if you like it buy something! Her work’s really great and besides, treatyoself.